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YOPE company offers a wide range of body care products as well as home care products with environmentally friendly ingredients.
The company is really special for the following reasons:
-QUALITY Our formulas combine beneficial mixtures of top quality plant extracts with selected natural ingredients that ensure excellent quality and effectiveness of the products.
-SAFETY YOPE personal and home care products are safe for the skin, environmentally friendly and made with mild, non-allergenic ingredients.
-PURITY We shape our products with over 90% natural and minimally processed ingredients and no substances that are known to be dangerous to humans or pets.
-AROMA Almost all YOPE products have a characteristic combination of essential oils and synthetic fragrances for unique natural fragrance.
-DESIGN Our packaging complies with high quality standards. The environmentally friendly aesthetic is complemented by friendly animal characters designed exclusively for the company YOPE.
-SUSTAINABILITY The environment is high on our list of priorities. We use Ecocert ingredients. Our cleaning products bear the Ecolabel seal. Our packaging is recyclable.
-AFFORDABILITY Our goal is to make YOPE products affordable to the average consumer. We are committed to keeping prices low and quality high.
-THE YOPE APPROACH We invent effective products for modern needs. The YOPE range includes cleansing gels for adults and children, moisturizing body lotions, hair care products, natural home cleaning products and skin-safe products for use in the kitchen.
-NO ANIMAL TESTING YOPE ensures the safety of products without animal testing, nor do we use ingredients that have been tested on animals. We are proud to promote VIVA !, a seal of approval for animal rights in our packaging.
Our formulas are designed in close collaboration with cosmetologists and dermatologists. We use selected herbal ingredients to create soft but effective products with wonderful aromas and without harmful substances, rich in nutritious natural extracts. Depending on the product, we include natural oils and butter, beneficial plant extracts, soothing ingredients such as glycerin and allantoin, mild cleansers, non-toxic surfactants or natural citric acid. Many of our products are Ecocert certified.
All YOPE products are soft and non-toxic, safe for children and people with sensitive skin.

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