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At Salon Care, you will find professional tattoo equipment.

More specifically you will find retro & Vintage decoration products, such as wall clocks, decorative barber paintings, Tattoo decoration paintings, Retro and classic paintings, as well as extra-large themed paintings. You will also find beds and chairs for clients, such as aesthetic and Tattoo chair with adjustable back and legs, tattoo and aesthetic chair with adjustable back, legs, and storage compartments, rollaway double massage bed made of aluminum, massage bed with three-seater aluminum bed wooden, professional electric chair of aesthetics with hydraulic lifting, professional chair of tattoo and aesthetics with electric lifting, professional chair of podiatry and aesthetics with a motor.

You will also find professional chairs and stools for tattoo studios, such as professional tattoo stools, professional aesthetic stools, professional manicure stools, professional hairdressing stools, tattoo work chairs, and massages.

Then you will find professional helpers and waiting and reception furniture for beauty salons and tattoo studios, tattoo studio furniture, sofa for tattoo studios, and beauty salons.

Finally, you will find work lamps for beauty salons and tattoo studios, sterilization machines for beauty tools and disinfectants - antiseptics for tools and surfaces for professional spaces.

Professional aesthetic chair with detachable armrests and comfortable head restraint. Elegant eco leather, which meets the EU's stringent requirements and nickel-plated metal parts. At the bottom, it has 3 plastic drawers for storing and organizing aesthetic tools.Available in white color.Cons..
598.00лв 484.38лв Ex Tax:403.65лв
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