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Professional vaper with wheels - 0101699

-20% Professional vaper with wheels - 0101699


Multifunctional wapozon with hot steam and ozone. Wapozon is mounted on a stand with adjustable height. This device is an indispensable device in any cosmetic surgery.
What gives us wapozon:
disinfects the skin
opens the pores
Couple penetrates the pores cleansing impurities accumulated fat, residues from various types of cosmetics
Pair helps the skin secretion of toxins
It works on skin softening
Accelerates blood circulation,
Moisturizes and refreshes the skin,
improves metabolism
It restores the natural acidity of the skin
Significantly improves the results massage
The kit includes:
- a device with a nozzle
- tripod
- gumownych five-star base on wheels
- instruction
- warranty
Dimensions of the tripod
- 52 cm diameter
- height. Min. 60 cm
- h. Max. 88 cm
Wapozonu Dimensions:
- length of the nozzle 48 cm
- l. Wapozonu 26 cm
- w. Wapozonu 19 cm
- h. Glass of 29 cm
- h., Without cups 16 cm
Technical data:
- voltage of 220 V, 50/60 Hz
- power 800 W
- the number of packages 1

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