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At Salon Care, you will find high-quality professional beauty equipment.

In the category Professional Cosmetic Equipment - High Quality you will find slimming devices and machines with cavitation function, adipose tissue reduction, vacuum massage devices, tightening collagen fiber stimulation, oxygen injection device, a multifunctional aesthetic device for aromatherapy, professional, aromatherapy aesthetics for face and neck lifting, wrinkle reduction, breast lift, skin smoothing, reduction of stretch marks and cellulite.

You will also find a professional wheeled phototherapy device for thermal and phototherapeutic treatment, with the possibility of light adjustment, premium quality electric thermal blanket in black and white color.

For orders outside Athens over 5 kilos, as well as for professional equipment (beds, chairs, suitcases, etc.), the shipment is made with transport companies and the order is discounted by bank transfer.

Brand: Giovanni
Elegant Platinum T6 Body Slimming System.Professional multifunction device Elegante Platinum T6 Body Slimming System, ideal for aesthetics and cosmetology.-high build quality-additional quality components-easy, understandable and user-friendly menuDevice functions:1. Cavitation* reduction of fat tis..
7,200.00лв 3,960.00лв Ex Tax:3,300.00лв
Multifunctional Slimming Roller device system O-SHAPE IISlimming Roller device system O-SHAPE II is an innovation in the market of HI-TECH treatment equipment. Combines the most efficient and proven technologies, giving us satisfaction from the use.O-SHAPE II is a unique combination of the..
17,542.00лв Ex Tax:14,618.33лв
Multifunctional aesthetic device HYDROGEN H2 6 in 1HYDROGEN PLUS is an innovative device that combines six elements in one, completing the spectacular effect of the treatment.RADIO WAVES - head that emits radio waves creates heat in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It causes heating of collagen whi..
2,920.40лв Ex Tax:2,433.67лв
Multifunctional combine device 15 in 1 SoniaMultifunctional combine device 15 in 1PERFECT QUALITY !!! 2 YEAR WARRANTY !!!!The device consists of:- vaporizer- aromatherapy- ozone therapy- vacuum- facial ultrasounds- body ultrasound- spray- D’Arsonval- brush- galvanizing- iontophoresis- microdermabras..
3,910.20лв Ex Tax:3,258.50лв
Hydrogen Treatment Device H1301 IvoryExcellent and easy to use aesthetic device for cleaning with hydrogen H1301 IVORYThe use of water hydrogenation technology makes possible not only the effective purification but also the prevention of the aging processes. The hydrogen additive traps free oxygen m..
840.00лв 730.80лв Ex Tax:609.00лв
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