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Salon Care Professional specializes in the retail and wholesale of professional beauty products. One of the branches is that of nails and manicure. We appeal to nail care professionals but also to individuals.

We choose to work with leading factories and world-renowned companies worldwide, in the field of manicure, to always offer you the highest quality and innovative products and tools. Our many years of experience in aesthetics and nails allow us to prove that all our products are of high quality and can ensure the ideal result in each of your creations.

The Manicure section covers a wide range of products for both industry professionals and art lovers.
Specifically, you will find products from leading companies in the field of manicure and nail care such as - Moyou London, Apis hand creams, Kaeso, Acurata manicures, Vognmask protection masks, Cuccio creams - peeling. You will also find essential tools and furniture for the equipment of your space, such as - Manicure tables and work chairs, manicure stools, Manicure lamps, ovens, sterilizers. We also have a wide range of consumables such as - Files, salts, tool disinfectants, acetone, semi-permanent varnishes, and nail treatments.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE EQUIPMENT (chairs, beds, beauty assistants, hairdressing chairs, hairdressing assistants, etc.).Важна информация относно продуктите (столове, легла, помощни козметични колички, фризьорски столове, помощни фризьорски колички и д.р) 

The products are delivered in box packaging for reasons of protection and cost savings during transport and are NOT delivered assembled, but are designed so that you can easily assemble them yourself. However, if you want, we can help you with telephone support from our technical department if needed. There is also a partner assembly company that can undertake this work for you, at an additional cost. (the assembly service is valid only for the Attica basin).

For more information, you can contact us at the contact numbers on our website.

In this category, you will find Jelly Spa products for manicure and pedicure. You will also find wheels and manicure and pedicure tools, nail dust absorbers, led-UV curing lamps, bases, rubber bases, topcoats and nail primers. We have semi-permanent varnishes in a variety of shades, gel and acrylic method, pliers and manicure tools, cuticle oils, moisturizing hand, and body creams, body butter, hand lotions, professional acetone, and varnish removal products. Hand and foot care products are available, hand and scrub softeners, hand butter, disinfectant sprays, and emulsions in a variety of fragrances. Finally, you will find bases, treatments, topcoats, nail solvents, nail files, buffers, towels, gloves, manicure pads, gel and acrylic brushes, manicure and pedicure packages on offer, milling cutters, disinfectants, LED fluorescent lamps.

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