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Eyelash aesthetics has been a big part of women's aesthetics in recent years. It is important that the products and tools used are of high quality and bring the desired aesthetic result. At Salon Care, we have a wide variety of products, tools, and equipment in the field of eyelash aesthetics at good prices and excellent quality as the products we have are from leading companies in the field of eyelash aesthetics.

In our E-Shop, you will find a wide range of aesthetic products and furniture that will cover your every need in your professional activity but also in your daily life.

In the category LASHES, you will find boxes for storing tools, lights for eyelashes, adjustable stools with wheels made of ecological leather for eyelashes, professional work beds made of ecological leather adjustable for back and legs, and adjustable footrest according to the needs with drawers and drawers products, tool assistants, disinfectants and antiseptics, sterilizers and disposable products. You will also find lashes of great quality in various types,

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE EQUIPMENT (chairs, beds, beauticians, chairs for eyelash extensions, beds for eyelash extensions, etc.).

The products are delivered inbox packs for reasons of protection and cost savings during transport and are NOT delivered assembled, but are designed so that you can easily assemble them yourself. However, if you want, we can help you with telephone support from our technical department if needed. There is also a partner assembly company that can undertake this work for you, at an additional cost. (the assembly service is valid only for the Attica basin).

For more information, you can contact us at the contact numbers on our website.

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