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Tattoo & cosmetic chair - 0114917

-10% Tattoo & cosmetic chair - 0114917

Swivel chair with a lock, with shared footrests, raised and lowered hydraulically from the hole in the headrest performs well in cosmetics, surgery pedicure, makeup and massage. It has removable armrests and plug in the headrest. Plating washable seat made of eco-leather, meeting the strict requirements of the EU, aesthetic, nickel-plated metal parts. The seat is available in black.
Armchair packaged in three cartons, which include:
1 pack:
- a seat base
- the bead base
- the gear pump lift
- the bolts for fastening the cylinder and the seat 5p.
2 pack:
- the actuator
3 of package:
- with the plug seat headrest
- armrests 2 units.
- the guides for fastening the footrest and the backrest 4 pcs.
- cover the actuator
- Installation
- warranty
Dimensions of the chair:
- the seat in a lying position with the head restraint 63 x 180 cm
- Min. 64 cm
- the height of max. 80 cm European version
- the basis of 55 x 106.5 cm
Technical data:
- the gross weight (all cartons) 70 kg
- a number of packages 2 (box 2 and 3 are packed together)
- the dimensions of the packaging: 135 x 44 x 65 cm and 108 x 8 x 58 cm

The footrest can be adjusted to 90 degrees and the headrest up to 80 degrees.

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