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The first and the last thing for fresh, rejuvenated skin is the right care. At Salon Care you will find ideal face care products for every skin type. The care of our facial skin has become imperative now as our face is affected and altered by many factors daily, such as sunlight, gusts of air, and stress.

We work with leading companies in beauty and facial care products. Among the products, you will find the top APIS series for face care, Skintruth products, KAESO, Diffel, etc. Choose from cleansing products, face creams, serums that will restore the radiance to your skin, facial peeling, as well a complete series of facial care and remedies.

In the category Facial Care, you will find home spa cosmetics, beauty treatments, creams and moisturizers for the face, creams and serums for the eyes, special care products, face masks, facial exfoliation products, facial cleansing gels, facial cleansing toner, biphasic liquid make-up remover, eye cream, face cream with hyaluronic acid, anti-cellulite massage oil, anti-acne face cream, moisturizing products, face cleansers, face care set, butter soaps for face and body, eyebrow tweezers and moisturizing oils Needs.

More specifically you will find facial cleansing products, facial serums, facial moisturizing serums, day creams, night creams, special care products, home Spa products, facial cleansers, home mesotherapy rollers, facial massage rollers, facial scrub products, facial exfoliating creams, facial moisturizers, facial cleansing soaps, face care kits, beauty masks, face masks, moisturizing face masks, face oils and eyebrow tweezers.

Finally, you will find eye make-up and eye and lip make-up remover, micellar eye make-up remover, and oils with essential oils.

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