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At Salon Care, we specialize in aesthetics and offer excellent quality products for aesthetic care. Body care is a daily routine and the products used must be proper, of good quality, and used with the right equipment and the right way.

In the Body Care category, you will find body skincare products. You will also find Body Mists, body scrubs, moisturizers, body massage products and appliances, body oils with beneficial properties, and finally paraffin treatments and products. 

You will find devices for home spa, derma rollers, professional beauty devices, facial cleansers, and derma rollers for mesotherapy at home in more detail. You will also find sunscreen and self-tan body oils for intense tanning and bronze effect, body mists, body scrubs, home scrub products, body moisturizers, body massage oils, neck massagers, massage pillows, yoga massage mattresses.

You will also find anti-cellulite tools to fight cellulite at home, sugar peeling against cellulite, ampoules against cellulite, massage oil against cellulite, body lotions for hydration, hand lotion, and a body warming mask that works against cellulite.

Finally, you will find moisturizing soaps with Aloe Vera, face soaps, natural body soaps, body oils, oils with beneficial properties, professional paraffin treatment device for hands, paraffin treatment device for feet, paraffin plates, professional paraffin treatment kit, paraffin removal liquid, paraffin boots, paraffin gloves, aesthetic gloves, disposable aesthetic gloves.

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