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Aesthetics is a key part of the day for most of us. The term aesthetics refers to our daily care to our Grooming with special treatments in a care and aesthetics center.

At Salon Care, we consider aesthetics an integral part of our lives and we have managed to provide you with a huge range of aesthetic products for both professionals and the everyday woman or man who will take care of himself daily.
In our E-Shop, you will find a wide range of aesthetic products and furniture that will cover your every need in your professional activity but also in your daily life.

Specifically, you will find:


The technologies integrated into the production of APIS NATURAL COSMETICS products have been developed with special studies and combine the best natural ingredients in combination with the latest developments in biotechnology and cosmetology. The professional experience of 30 years of the company in combination with its cooperation with scientific bodies - dermatologists and cosmetologists allow them to maintain their products at a high level.

2) Beauty & Storage Boxes
The professional cases and lockers for storing your products and cosmetics have become a hit. Find your favorite Beauty Box and organize your cosmetics with a style that suits your aesthetics.

3) Hair Removal Products
In our Eshop, you will find a wide range of waxing products. You will find a range of better waxing technology, hot sugar paste candles, buckets, candles, lotions and hair removal products, rollers, crazy angel, self-tan products, and disposable products such as beauty towels, gloves, manicure towels, and disposable manicure products.

4) Face & Body care products

At natural care professionals, you will find a wide range of face and body terminals specific to each skin type. You will also find paraffin devices, treatments, and products.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE EQUIPMENT (chairs, beds, beauty assistants, hairdressing chairs, hairdressing assistants, etc.).

The products are delivered in box packaging for reasons of protection and cost savings during transport and are NOT delivered assembled, but are designed so that you can easily assemble them yourself. However, if you want, we can help you with telephone support from our technical department if needed.

There is also a partner assembly company that can undertake this work for you, at an additional cost. (the assembly service is valid only for the Attica basin).

For more information, you can contact us at the contact numbers on our website.

In the category AESTHETICS, you will find Home Spa - Aesthetics Devices, professional facial masks for peeling, facial cleansing, and finally rejuvenating masks and creams against acne. You will also find sunscreen and tanning products, professional hair removal products and hair removal devices, cellulite and slimming devices, face and body care products, Yope Natural care products, beauty stools and work chairs, beauty equipment, boudoir, offers on professional equipment, chairs with electric and hydraulic - manual lifting. You will also find electric business beds, fixed massage beds, beauty lamps, men's care products, vapers, eyebrow tweezers, work lamps, grooming and treatment equipment, etc. Finally, you will find aromatherapy equipment, humidifiers, and essential oils, disinfectants and antiseptics for hands, tools and surfaces, cosmetic aids, ovens and sterilizers, paraffin appliances, and products, covers, rollers and electric blankets, work desks, and disposable products.

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