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Activated Carbon Face Scrub 114g.Activated carbon face scrub.- Oil-free- Cleans thoroughly- Removes clogged pores- Softens the skin and leaves it smooth Use 3-4 times a week on wet skin.MADE IN U.S.A...
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Charcoal cleaning face soap 100g.Charcoal cleaning face soap.- Cleans the pores thoroughly-Scrubs effectively -Leaves the face clean and softFor best results, moisten your face before use and apply the soap on your hands, perform a light massage all over your face.Rinse with plenty of water.MAD..
9.39лв 5.63лв Ex Tax:4.69лв
Charcoal nose cleaning strips 6pcs.Charcoal nose cleaning strips.- Excellent nose stripes to remove black spots.Instructions for use: Slightly moisten nose area. Accurately apply the strip to the nose and wait 10-20 minutes for it to dry. Remove from one side and enjoy skin without unwanted black sp..
16.98лв 10.19лв Ex Tax:8.49лв
Dark spots face Serum 30ml. Concentrated protection serum against facial scars-spots.- Fights dark skin scars and freckles- Improves the color of the face- Does not dry the skin- Fights facial discolorationMassage gently the desired skin until the product is absorbed.Do not use more than 2 time..
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Fine Line Filler 10ml.Miraculous Thin Line Facial Filler.-It works in just 90 seconds and lasts for hours-Fills the wrinkles and fine lines of the face- Leaves the skin firm and youthful lookingApply to clean and dry skin and wait for it to absorb.MADE IN U.S.A...
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Wrinkle Filler with Collagen 30ml.Wrinkle and thin line filler with collagen.- Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines of face- Provides powerful anti-aging properties- Hydrates and protects the skin- Leaves the face firm and youthful lookingApply to the entire face and allow it to absorb.Suitable for da..
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